Vin Sachidananda


I’m an early stage VC at Two Sigma Ventures where I invest in seed-series B stage startups working on AI, Data Infra, B2B SaaS and Dev Tools.

Startups I currently work with: Cerby, Objective, SDF, Nullify.

Previously, I did some interesting things in AI, Infra and SaaS:

Research: NLP PhD from Stanford. Researched LLMs/Transformers since their inception and precursors before that. Authored papers in all the top AI (NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML) and NLP (ACL, EMNLP) conferences.

Industry: Research Scientist at Google, Apple and Amazon researching and productionalizing early LLM products with large research teams.

Startups: Founding engineer at startups spun out of MIT Celect acq. Nike and Stanford Built things from pre-seed to series A/B.